Our Bronze Award group has found a beautiful way to connect different generations through the arts by performing for residents at local care homes in our local community. These performances create a unique space where young and old can connect, bringing joy and appreciation to all involved. Our latest performance at Foxton Court Care Home in May 2024 was a shining example of this intergenerational connection.

Preparation and Rehearsal

Pupils in the Bronze Arts Award group put in a lot of effort to prepare a performance that included singing, dancing, and playing instruments. Their dedication was evident in the weekly arts award sessions at school where they rehearsed diligently. They carefully curated a repertoire to ensure the residents would enjoy familiar songs and pieces, hoping to evoke happy and special memories.

The Day of the Performance

As the residents gathered and the pupils set up for their performance, there was a palpable buzz of anticipation in the air. The moment the pupils began to perform, smiles lit up the faces of the residents. It was heartwarming to see them thoroughly enjoying the performance, clapping and singing along.

Bringing the Performance to Bed Bound Residents

Understanding that some residents were bedridden and unable to come to the lounge, the pupils took their performance to individual rooms. This provided a beautiful, personal experience where the residents could listen to the young musicians play instruments right by their bedside.

Post-Performance Interaction

After the performance, the care home provided drinks and snacks for the pupils. This created a perfect opportunity for the residents to interact with the young performers. The exchange was filled with laughter, stories, and a genuine connection that bridged the generational gap through a mutual love of the arts.

A Lasting Connection

The experience didn’t end there. When we returned to school, the children wrote heartfelt letters to the residents, expressing their gratitude for the opportunity to perform. This act of kindness was reciprocated as the Arts Award pupils were featured in the home’s newsletter, and the residents are planning to write back to the pupils.

These intergenerational performances are more than just a chance to showcase artistic talents; they are a way to build community, create lasting memories, and bridge the gap between generations. The joy and appreciation shared by both the pupils and the residents at Foxton Court Care Home are a testament to the power of the arts in bringing people together.