Our purpose is to provide the highest quality Careers Education, Advice and Guidance that broadens the horizons of all students and ensures they reach their full potential. 

We recognise the benefits a robust CEIAG programme can bring to young people, in order to develop ambitions, careers and its role in social mobility by empowering students to explore careers that they may not have previously considered. We endeavour to provide a Careers Education programme that is progressive and personalised in terms of age and suitability. 

The main aims of careers provision at Newminster Middle School are to:

  • Inspire pupils to chase and achieve their dreams and raise aspirations
  • Instil a healthy attitude towards work
  • Prepare pupils for life at high school and life post-education
  • Develop an understanding of different career paths and challenge stereotypes and promote equality and diversity
  • Enable students to understand that a career is a personal journey that includes learning, work and career breaks (both planned and unplanned), and that all career decisions involve making choices about learning and lifestyles
  • Help pupils to access information on the full range of post-16 education and training opportunities
  • Offer targeted support for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people
  • Present CEIAG in an impartial manner
  • Provide opportunities for the  development of skills  (e.g. literacy, numeracy, and digital) and personal development through the curriculum and enrichment provision 


Newminster Middle School has a close working partnership with the North east Local Enterprise Partnership. We actively participate in the  Primary and  Secondary Hub network with a focus on delivering the Gatsby Benchmarks and improving careers outcomes for young people. The intended outcomes of CEIAG across the school are to ensure young people have the ability to understand and enjoy economic stability through a sound understanding of the labour market, both in a local and 21st Century context.

By the end of Key Stage 2, all students will have: 

  • A good understanding of our school values  
  • Explored future employment options and discussed the importance of their own aspirations 
  • Gained a self awareness of their own skills and attributes and how these to relate to different jobs 

By the end of Key Stage 3, all students will have: 

  • A better understanding of themselves (personal characteristics, abilities, interests, potential, weaknesses and limitations) and an ability to present themselves appropriately  
  • used appropriate resources to research information about opportunities, and use the information to help them make choices about post-14 courses and learning pathways  
  • received appropriate advice and guidance on post-14 options, and how they might link to post-16 options