We would like to invite all Newminster pupils to come to school wearing autumn coloured non uniform on Thursday 26th October 2023. No Halloween costumes this year please.

There will be a voluntary contribution for non school uniform of £1 or pupils can bring in non perishable food with all proceeds going to the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank. The year 8 Bronze visual Arts Award pupils have ‘spruced’ up a trolley that the Food Bank have in Morpeth Iceland to collect donations in the hope it will encourage more people to donate to the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank, so look out for this when you are there!

Get creative with our yearly ‘‘Creative Pumpkin Design Competition’. Photos of all entries are to be sent to [email protected] by Wednesday 1st November 2023. Please note that the photo needs to be of the student who created the design with the pumpkin. Great prizes to be won for the most creative and original designs! Make sure you get an adult to help with any carving.

Thank you for supporting the Wansbeck Food Bank and we look forward to a lovely Autumnal day in school with the pupils.