The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir spent a fabulously energetic day at Chantry and Newminster Middle Schools on Monday 18th September as part of their tour of the North East for 2 weeks.

Their visit comprised of an assembly performance for key stage 2 pupils at both schools and an afternoon workshop for the joint schools choir. The visit culminated in the most amazing evening performance in the Chantry hall. The Pearl of Africa Children’s Choir performed music, singing and dancing along with some joint pieces with the Newminster and Chantry school choir. The audience of young and old loved the cultural exchange and Newminster and Chantry would like to thank the choir for visiting and providing us with amazing musical memories.

To coincide with the visit and raise money for the charity Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd, the pupils at both schools wore non uniform in the colours of the Ugandan flag – black, red, yellow and white. The choir brought African crafts which were on sale all day. The schools raised over £2500 for the Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd charity over their day at the school. We would like to thank everyone who donated, came to the concert and bought crafts,

The charity Pearl of Africa Child Care Ltd, which organises the tour, is a registered charity in England and Wales and all the money is sent to the charity which sends it to Uganda to help the schools educate, house and feed orphans and destitute

children in six schools in Kampala and Masaka District in S.W.